Festival and Championship Entry Information







Who may enter

ALL clubs and teams are encouraged to enter.  Although this is a USDBF Sanctioned Regional Event it is open to everyone west of the Rockies, including Hawaii and Alaska.  Clubs and teams do not have to be a current PDBA member to participate.  Only PDBA Member teams may qualify for World’s, but all teams of any ability or location are welcome to participate.

Festival Participants – No restrictions.

Championship participants must be bonafide members of the club they represent.  Clubs must submit a full club roster of all possible participants by May 1st, 2019.  Failure to submit this list will prevent that club from qualifying.  Clubs must be in good standing with the PDBA to qualify and must be full members of the PDBA in 2020.  Use of participants that are not on the club roster will result in the loss of qualifying privileges and possible disqualification from the event.

Championship Paddlers may only participate for one club at the event, including helms and drummers.

The PDBA has one berth per racing class for the 2020 World Club Crew Championships in Aix-les-Bains, France.  These are 20 paddler boat berths.  NOTE, and this is important, teams and crews that do not participate in this regional championship will not be eligible for World’s (see below).

The event is set up so that paddlers in the mixed class of a division may roster on a Women or Open class crew in the same division.  It may not be possible for a member to paddle in two different divisions.  Example:  Premier Mixed to Premier Women or Premier Open will work.  Senior A to Senior B or C will NOT work.  Premier to some Senior divisions MAY work.  At no point will racing be held up to allow the transfer of a paddler from one crew to another.  Only paddlers that are present in marshaling immediately prior to the heat will be allowed on the boat.

Festival Entry Fee

Festival 10 paddler teams  $300

Festival 20 paddler teams  $500

Junior crews – $100 per day (all paddlers under the age of 19 except helm and drummer)

Championship Entry Fee

Racing fees are $2,000 per adult crew.

BCS, VIP, Para, U-24 and U-18 Division fees are $900

Additional Discount for multiple crews – The third crew in the same division is $900.  If a club is fielding more than 3 crews across multiple divisions then the fourth, fifth, sixth crews are $900 each.  This discount does not apply to the first two crews in the same division or the first three crews across multiple divisions.  Multiple crew discount ends May 31st.

Championship Bulletin 2

Download Championship Official Entry / Payment Form


July 1st – Registration deadline

May 31st – Championship Final Entry – Entry after May 31st

May 31st – Championship Multiple Crew Discount Ends

July 15th – Championship Named Entries – A list of paddlers by crew is due July  15th – This is required but not binding.  It helps with race administration so check-in goes smooth.

August 2nd – All Championship paddlers must be registered. No Championship registration on Saturday.

August 3rd, 4th – Championship Race Roster – Each morning at the Captains meeting each club will submit race day roster for each crew.  This is a list of 25 people who are on the crew for that days racing.  Only participants on this roster will be allowed on the boat for that crew.  No exceptions.  A different race roster may be used on each day of racing.


All CCRC racing is in 20 paddler boats. The PDBA has no 10 paddler berths for the CCWC.  All 10 paddler crew berths (2 per nation) are controlled by the USDBF. PDBA Clubs that wish to petition the USDBF for any unclaimed berth, including 10 paddler entries to the CCWC must have a paid entry in that racing class with club participation at this championship. The PDBA will NOT endorse any club team that does not follow this rule and the USDBF will not accept petitions that are not endorsed by the PDBA.

Example:  A Sr. B Women’s crew may petition the USDBF for any available Sr. B Women’s berth, including 10 paddler entries.  A Sr. B women’s crew may not petition for Sr. A women’s berths.

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