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This Bulletin replaces informational Bulletin 1. Please destroy any printed copies you may have of Bulletin 1.

Vancouver Lake Park Dragon Boat Race

The Pacific Dragon Boat Association USA (PDBA) and Double Fifth Dragon Boating invite all western USA dragon boat teams to attend Paddle West, the 2019 PDBA Club Crew Regional Championship in Vancouver, WA. August 3rd and 4th.  This event is a qualifier for the IDBF 2020 Club Crew World Championships (CCWC) in France. Clubs and teams that are not and have not been members of the PDBA-USA will be given free associate membership to participate in the qualifier.  ALL teams are invited!

This is a World Championship qualifier. The 2020 World Championships are in Aix-le-Bains, France. Racing will be on Lac du Bourget, the largest glacier-made lake in France. This region of France is called the Riviera of the Alps.  This is quite possibly the most beautiful World Championship venue in the world!

Aix-les-Bains Venue

All races will be organized at Vancouver Lake Park and the Vancouver Lake Regatta Course.  Vancouver Lake Park is located about 4.5 miles from downtown Vancouver, Washington and 20 minutes from the Portland International Airport. There will be multiple levels of competition, all divisions and racing classes including senior and junior racing. Large divisions will have A, B, C finals, all with medals.  Distances are 200m and 500m with optional 1000m and the Gladiator. The Gladiator is an optional 2,000m race on a 250m course with 7 turns and as many boats as we can fit on the water all at the same time.  Gladiator Races area the last races each day.

It’s not just for the big clubs!  It is an OPEN competition including local and recreational teams.  Experience international level, technical racing with all the bells and whistles: Fully buoyed championship regatta course, held starts, with USDBF and Professional Race Officials, IDBF Certified Boats and equipment and some of the best competition in the USA.  Race management is provided by Double Fifth Dragon Boating.  Fair and fun!



EVERY club or team that wishes to qualify for world’s must submit a complete membership roster to the race organizers by May 1st.  Only paddlers on this roster may be used for competition.  Clubs or teams that miss this deadline may still race but will not be eligible to qualify.

Provisional Entries Requested by March 1, 2019 or sooner if possible. Email to Jeff@doublefifth.com is fine.  This is for planning purposes only and is not binding.

Preliminary Event Program

Arrival: Traveling teams are strongly suggested to arrive no later than Friday for registration

Departure:  Racing is scheduled until 5pm Sunday

July 31 Teams arrive Registration Open for All Participants at Vancouver Lake Aquatics Center (VLAC) (Noon to 8 pm) Registration for Portland Area Paddlers, Location TBD, (5 pm to 8 pm) (TENTATIVE) Teams Practice
Aug 1 Teams arrive Registration Open for All Participants at Vancouver Lake Aquatics Center (VLAC) (Noon to 8 pm) Registration for Portland Area Paddlers, Location TBD, (5 pm to 8 pm) (TENTATIVE) Teams Practice
Aug 2 Teams arrive FINAL Registration for All Participants at Vancouver Lake Aquatics Center (VLAC) (Noon to 9 pm) Teams Practice
Aug 3 NO PADDLER REGISTRATION Daily CREW ROSTERS Due at Captains meeting 500m Racing for All Competition Classes After competition racing, Optional Gladiator 2K on 250m Course
Aug4 200m Racing for All Competition Classes After competition racing, Optional Gladiator 2K on 250m Course

Racing fees

Racing fees are $2,000 per Premier and Senior crew.  BCS, ACS, ADP, VIP, PARA, U-24, and U-18 Division fees are $1,000 per crew.

Early Discount -10% discount for entries received by March 31st.   July 1st Late Registration is $2,400 per adult crew and $1,200 for BCS.

Important Dates:

May 1st CLUB ROSTERS DUE.  ALL CLUB ROSTERS MUST HAVE BEEN SUBMITTED ELECTRONICALLY TO RACE ORGANIZER– This roster must contain ALL bonafide members that your club may use at the championship.  IF YOU MISS THIS DEADLINE YOUR CLUB or TEAM WILL NOT BE ABLE TO QUALIFY but may still race.
March 31st Early Registration Ends
May 1st Standard Registration End
May 2nd to July 1st Late Registration
July 1st Registration Closed
July 2nd Named Crew Lists Due – Lists club paddlers by division
July 31st, August 1st Paddler Registration in Portland Location and Time TBD (IN PERSON WITH ID) Wrist bands will be applied
July 31st to August 2nd Mandatory Paddler Registration (IN PERSON WITH ID) at Vancouver Lake, Team practices.
Saturday, August 3rd  7:00 AM Daily Crew Rosters due (Only those paddlers may race on that crew that day)
Saturday, August 3rd  500m Racing, Gladiator for Senior and Junior Crews
Sunday, August 4th 7:00 AM Daily Crew Rosters due (Only those paddlers may race on that crew that day)
Sunday, August 4th 200m Racing, Gladiator for Premier and all other crews Awards
Sunday, August 4th TBD Paddlers Party

Racing is ALL day both days.  Remind your paddlers to schedule departures and flights as late as possible Sunday.

20 Paddler Standard Boats

All racing is in 20 paddler boats (standard boat). The PDBA has no 10 paddler (small boat) berths for the CCWC. All 10 paddler crew berths (only 2 per nation) are controlled by the USDBF. PDBA Clubs or Teams that wish to petition the USDBF for any unclaimed berth (standard or small) to the CCWC must have entered a team or crew in that racing class and participated at this championship. The PDBA will NOT endorse any club team that does not follow this rule and the USDBF will not accept petitions that are not endorsed by the PDBA.

Example:  If there are any Senior C Open, standard or small boat, berths open after all qualifying is finished ONLY crews that participated in Senior C Open at Vancouver Lake will be certified to apply for the open berth. 

Divisions and Distances

All IDBF Divisions and Classes that are expected to be offered at the 2020 CCWC will be contested. This includes Premier, Senior, BCS (BCP) U-24 and Junior A/B (U-18).  All age groups in each division will be offered.  Any other divisions, such as VIP, ADP, Para, etc. are offered, but we are unable to confirm if they will be officially offered in 2020.  If in doubt, enter.

Teams must compete in both distances in each competition class. Only the overall winning crew, as determined by points, in each racing class will be awarded the berth. The PDBA will communicate additional criteria required for winning crews to accept a berth. All crews that wish to be considered for qualification must be sponsored by a PDBA Club Member organization. Double Fifth Dragon Boating is providing teams and clubs that have never been a PDBF member will an Associate membership for 2019.

Double rostering of paddlers (including drummers and helms) outside of Divisions is discouraged. The Officials will NOT delay races for any transfer between crews.  ALL crew members are required to be present in marshaling prior to each race.  Rostering from a women’s or Open crew to a mixed crew in the same division is possible.

Racing Class Premier Division Senior A Division   Senior B & C Division BCP Division ACS/ADP Division Under 24 Division   U-18 (A/B only)
Open 200 m 500 m 200 m 500 m 200 m 500 m 200 m 500 m 200 m 500 m 200 m 500 m
Women 200 m 500 m 200 m 500 m 200 m 500 m 200 m 500 m 200 m 500 m 200 m 500 m 200 m 500 m
Mixed 200 m 500 m 200 m 500 m 200 m 500 m 200 m 500 m 200 m 500 m 200 m 500 m

Age Regulations

Junior A/B – All participants must be under the age of 19. Helm any age.

U24 – Under the age of 24.  (Additional regulations apply)

Premier Class: Minimum of 12 years of age.

Senior A – 39th or later birthday falls in the year 2019. Drummer any age

Senior B – 49th or later birthday falls in the year 2019. Drummer any age

Senior C – 59th or later birthday falls in the year 2019. Drummer any age

All age groups, ages shown above are as of December 31, 2019.

Note: The Drummer (only) in a Senior Crew and the Helm (Sweep) in a Junior U-18 Crew do not need to conform to the relevant age limits shown above.


The racing will progress very quickly. Because of this, we are strongly suggesting that multiple rostering occur only within the same division. The race grid is designed to support cross rostering from an Open or Women‘s crew to a Mixed crew in the same division (i.e. Sr. A Women to Sr. A Mixed). Rostering outside a division (i.e. Premier Women to Senior Women) is allowed but may be physically impossible. Teams are asked to submit provisional entries early so we can better estimate the sizes of each division. Best guess provisional entry is fine. We appreciate the help on this!

In no case will races be held up to allow the transfer of participants between boats or crews.  ALL crew members MUST be in marshaling prior their heat.


The Championships will be conducted under IDBF Competition Regulations and Rules of Racing with local variations per IDBF By-law 7. For the 2019 Club Crew Regional Championships, IDBF Members Handbook Edition 7 (January 2016) IDBF Rules of Racing and Competition Regulations will be applicable.


The practice of clubs’ and teams recruiting paddlers specifically for a Club Crew Championship (Super crews) is against the intention of the IDBF Competition Regulations and the spirit of the Championships. Any club or team found not to be complying with IDBF Competition Regulations 4.3 and 4.3.1, will be reclassified as Exhibition Only and not eligible for awards, titles, prizes or qualification. This regulation will be STRICTLY enforced.

Participants may only paddle for ONE club or team (a single crew or group of crews). All participants must be a regular practicing member of the club or team for at least 3 months prior to the event. Each club must provide a roster before May 1st listing all active, practicing, club members. Only those members may be used by the club or team at the Qualifier.  If your club has a paddler that does not live within a 2-hour drive to practice on a regular basis (or other time or distance as determined by the PDBA Club Crew Committee or the Race Management Company or the Chief Official) you must request an exception in writing when you submit your club roster on May 1st.  Participants that do not meet this requirement or the spirit of this requirement may be excluded from your rosters and not be allowed to participate in the event.  Clubs that use paddlers that are not on their approved and submitted rosters may at the discretion of the Chief Official be disqualified from the event.   PDBA qualifier heats, may at the race organizers discretion, include exhibition crews on a not-to-interfere basis with the qualifying heats.

Mixed Standard Boat Crews – The crew must consist of a minimum of 8 and maximum of 10 paddlers of either gender. Drummers and Helms (Steersperson) can be of either gender. This means that for a full crew of 20 paddlers 10 must be males and 10 females. For 18 paddlers then you can use 8 women and 10 men or 9 women and 9 men or 10 women and 8 men. Drummers and Helms do not count as paddlers.

BCS, ACS, ADP, VIP, PARA Division – Definitions per IDBF regulations.  Breast Cancer Paddlers’ (BCP) Crews; All Cancer Survivors Crews (ACS) and Para-dragons together with Adaptive Paddlers Crews, (ADP) divisions will PROBABLY be contested at the 2020 CCWC in France.  We know for certain there will be a unique BCS (BCP) division.  All members (paddlers, drummer, and steersperson) of a breast cancer crew must be breast cancer survivors (a person having received a breast cancer diagnosis).  It is too soon for us to know about the other specialty divisions.  The IDBF is still not clear on if they will hold and if they do how the will group ADP, VIP and Para-teams.  At the CCRC ASC, ADP, VIP teams will be combined into one of the existing gender divisions if there are fewer than 3 entries in their division.  We will award berths for each but not all berths may be contested in France.

Dragon Boats

IDBF Specification dragon boats (IDBF) will be provided for the Championships. (BuK and PS-BuK planned)

Boat Purchase Opportunity

Buy a brand-new PS-BuK dragon boat, fully loaded and take it home after the event for only $8,200!  Fully loaded with head, tail, drum, drum seat and steering oar.  The boats will be used at the competition.  These boats are built from BuK molds that were shipped to Pei-Sheng Boat Works where BuK specified materials and workmanship are used.  They are identical to the more expensive boats shipped from Germany.   These are not the cheap tippy Champion boats.  Contact Jeff Campbell jeff@doublefifth.com for more information.

Personal Equipment5

Only materially unmodified paddles that meet IDBF Spec 202a Racing paddles will be permitted.  Grip tape and decorations are allowed.  Seat pads must be compressible and not give the paddler any height advantage.  Seat pads may NOT be attached to the bench. USCG approved Personal Floatation Devices (PFD) are required for U-18 crews and anyone who is not water-competent.  For all other divisions, PFDs are NOT required when racing in fair weather.  The Chief Official may at his discretion require all participants to wear PFD’s.  Paddlers may use their own PFD and additional PFDs will be available in marshaling.  Inflatable PFD’s are only allowed during racing and may not be used if the Chief Official makes PFD use mandatory.  For practices all persons on the boat must have a PASSIVE PFD on board, no exceptions.


ALL participants must have a government-issued ID with them at the venue for practices and racing.  For participants under the age of 18, a birth certificate or school-issued photo ID will suffice.  Make sure all participants always have ID with them, especially registration and racing.  At practices, there are secure places for personal belongings.

Accommodations and Transportation

No transportation will be provided. There is ample parking at the venue for all participant vehicles. There is a hotel guide on the event website www.paddlewest.net. Hotels in the Vancouver / Portland area fill up quickly during this time of year, so all participants are highly encouraged to book early.  Rental cars are available at the airport.  Uber and Lyft both legally operate in Portland and Vancouver.  Fees from the airport to the venue are $40 to $50 by taxi.

Food at Venue

 The park is about 4.5 miles from downtown.  There will be at least two food vendors at the venue on Saturday and Sunday.  No food or beverages are available on site prior to Saturday.  Teams may bring their own food.  There are some charcoal grills at the park.  No cooking in the team tents or team village area.  The closest convenience store is 4 miles from the venue.  The closest grocery store is 6 miles from the venue.  Costco is about 12 miles from the venue.

Water at Venue

Water will be provided to all traveling teams and available to all participants.  Cold water will be available in marshaling for participants coming off the water.  Traveling teams will be supplied with cases of water at their team tents.  If a team runs out there will be more water at the information booth.  The use of personal refillable water bottles is HIGHLY encouraged, and filling stations will be available.  There will be recycling bins throughout the venue for single use bottles, cans, paper.  We have volunteers that pick through the trash to pull out recyclables so that we minimize the effects on the environment.

Facilities at Vancouver Lake Park

There is a restroom with flushing toilets at the park.  Portable toilets will be on site.  There will be public outdoor showers outside of marshaling and at the toilet building.  Hand sanitizer and sunscreen will be available at no charge.

Drugs and Alcohol

The use of drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited during the competition.  Marijuana and alcoholic beverages, although legal, are not allowed at Vancouver Lake Park.


Website: www.paddlewest.net

Organizer: Jeff Campbell, Double Fifth Dragon Boating

jeff@doublefifth.com (971) 222-3679

PDBA Liaison:  Keith Taylor, vicepresident@pdbausa.org

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