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Water quality warnings at Vancouver Lake

Festival Racing Added!

10 and 20 Paddler Boats

Entry Fee $300 for two days of racing for 10 Paddler Boats

We welcome all recreational club teams to join us for FESTIVAL RACING.  Festival teams will compete in their own division with separate awards!  Women, Mixed and Men.


The Pacific Dragon Boat Association and Double Fifth Dragon Boating are pleased to present the 2019 Regional Club Crew Championship August 2nd through 4th, 2019 AND Paddle West Challenge Cup Festival at Vancouver Lake Park in Vancouver, WA.

The concurrent event, Paddle West, is for ALL for club, recreational and novice/corporate teams from anywhere in the world.


  • Festival teams compete against other festival teams in their own divisions for their own awards and medals.
  • Men, Women and Mixed Divisions
  • 10 paddler boats
  • Free cold water after each race
  • 200m and 500m races
  • Swift IDBF Spec 10 paddler
  • Optional GLADIATOR – A 2K on a 250m course with 7 hair raising turns. We put every boat on the water at one time.

This is international technical racing with all of the bells and whistles.
– 2,000m fully buoyed 8 lane championship race course
– Held Starts
– 20 paddler IDBF Certified dragon boats
– IDBF Rules and Regulations
– Electronic Finish
– Professional Race Officiating
– All Divisions and Racing Classes

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